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About Us

Founded in 2013, with operations in the UK (HQ) and India, Pranava Technologies have grown to become a leader in delivering process-centric solutions that enable Digital Transformation and Business Process Management programs.

Specialising in Process Mining, Hyperautomation (RPA) and Cloud Migration, we provide a unique blend of Consultative experience and Enterprise Application expertise.

We observe the ‘bigger picture’ when it comes to process automation, helping our customers to understand what technologies they need, how to integrate those technologies as pertinent and how to implement and utilise those technologies to the best effect.

All companies have People, Processes and Systems that collectively and independently have a company digital footprint. This digital footprint matters. We ensure that our clients understand how People, Processes and Systems all matter, how to automate these to better effect, what the journey looks like and how to make the journey a successful one.

Our Unique Approach

Our decision to specialise in both Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation was by design, not by chance.

Whilst RPA is rightly considered the answer to many challenges, such as providing a way to get high-volume tasks performed quickly without errors, it would be wholly wrong to implement RPA without first knowing exactly how your business processes work.


How can you improve process efficiency with robotics without first understanding the current state of your processes and day-to-day operations? How can you improve what you don’t know?

That’s why we put Process Mining first.

Process Mining not only provides these insights, but also identifies process bottlenecks, compliance violations, root causes of problems, and much more. Process Mining will also: identify the processes you need to automate first; provide an overview of your automation progress and prove the value – in time and money – that RPA will deliver.


RPA can be very costly if implemented incorrectly. Perhaps you picked the wrong processes to automate? Maybe you focused on attended desktop automation instead of unattended automation? Or is it possible you weren’t quite sure what outcomes to expect?

Five Simple Steps

There are many reasons why jumping in with an RPA solution before first conducting Process Mining can be an expensive move. However, there are five simple steps to consider:


Visualise and analyse your current processes, based on real-time information, including time-stamped, event-log data, to know what's happening in your daily operations and processes.

With the live picture you now have it is easy to spot process bottlenecks or inefficiencies and improve or remove these.

Utilise process insight to streamline (remove or automate) processes where needed. Then, view the most suitable candidates for RPA deployment.

Employ AI to help you find the best path for your processes which you can then optimise. Automate the most profitable processes.

Use Process Mining to monitor the processes and automation rates continuously. Measure and report: how much faster is the automated process, what are the cost and time savings. Keep doing this.






Complex Processes

Processes are very complex. It is this complexity that we see as our challenge, to help companies of all sizes overcome this complexity, to help them better understand their business with the assistance of Process Mining and to give back visibility and control.

Process Mining can also be the pathway to other technology initiatives, such as IoT and RPA. Our understanding of this journey, how we can help to show the right direction, is one of our true strengths. We understand that systems and processes need to be understood and improved for the benefit of your employees, your customers and your stakeholders.


Business today has access to many powerful and sophisticated technologies, as global vendors are  continuously evolving and improving. But could things be better?

We believe they could.


Which is why we also specialise in Integration (WhatsApp Integration Deck). We understand the need to bring together these numerous and disparate software and platforms to achieve your common organizational goals.

We work on a global basis with many technology vendors although we have an enviable reputation for our deep experience and expertise in all things SAP, including SAP S/4 HANA, SAP C/4 HANA, SAP Business One and SAP Business By Design.


With more and more organisations looking to the Cloud as they plan to modernise mission critical applications, cloud migration is a fundamental requirement. This is why we have chosen to specialise in Cloud Migration, so we can partner with our customers on their Digital Transformation journeys.

Enterprise Application

Additionally, our Enterprise Application focus means that we have considerable experience working with organisations such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Salesforce and Service Request Management platforms such as BMC Remedy and Service Now.


As Consultants it is our job to see what’s coming down the line, how technology is evolving and how these changes and improvements can help your business. We can’t predict the future, but we can proactively understand the direction technology is going and how to react positively to change, in partnership with our customers.

To find out more reach out to us at

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