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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

From Mining to Automation

RPA has come a long way since its inception in 2012, the process of automating business operations with the help of robots to reduce human intervention is something that organisations have realised needs to be taken seriously.


Having undertaken the necessary Process Mining work to give you all the requisite knowledge that is essential to Robotic Process Automation success, you are now ready to implement RPA. 

Our expertise in Enterprise Applications and our genuine appreciation of the ‘bigger picture’ ensures that we understand the importance of applying digital transformational solutions across your entire technology landscape, including enterprise systems; supply chain management systems; customer relationship management systems and knowledge management systems.


This is why we believe that Hyperautomation is where our focus should lie when it comes to the understanding and deployment of RPA solutions. 


Whilst RPA has done a good job in providing a quick solution as a noninvasive form of process integration, moving data around the business faster, things are not always that simple and processes are not always routine, repetitive and fixed.

Further, many RPA solutions deployed today are really RDA solutions, in as much as they focus on attended ‘desktop automation’ and not the true unattended automation that was intended.


Hyperautomation, or Integrated Automation, is the effective combination of complementary sets of tools that can integrate functional and process silos to genuinely automate and augment business processes. It is Hyperautomation, through the incorporation of RPA, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Process Mining, that will deliver genuine ‘unattended’ process automation and in turn a significant improvement to your business.


This is essential to any business that handles large amounts of data and repeatable business processes.


On your behalf, we work with those global vendors that embrace Hyperautomation and the necessity for genuine unattended process automation. Our consulting approach, together with our technical competence, will ensure that your journey to business operations automation will be a seamless, cost effective and rewarding experience.

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