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Our Approach

  • Ambitions
  • Goals
  • Compliance
  • Working Model
  • Support
  • Change
  • New Initiatives
  • Empowering Your Organisation
  • Stakeholder Buy-In







  • Understanding Processes
  • What Works/Doesn't
  • People and Organisation
  • Measure
  • Results
  • Outcomes
  • Share
  • Business-Wide
  • Results Applied
  • Maximum Impact
  • Evolve
  • Amend

Run Better

'Run Better'

Return on Investment

Our ‘Run Better’ approach makes sense whatever your requirement, for example:


  • standalone review of your Process Mining strategy

  • support with your ERP Cloud Migration implementation

  • company-wide Digital Transformation project


Organisations are keen to understand what Return on Investment (ROI) they could expect from an investment in Process Mining, Hyperautomation or a larger Digital Transformation project.


This will be dependent upon a number of factors, such as:


  • diversity of industry

  • size of the business

  • breadth of the initiative


Gartner have suggested that an average ROI of 15% can be expected from Process Mining initiatives, although the sample size was small.


We would be delighted to discuss with you our own experience and the many results we have seen across a multiple of industries.


These, together with additional intangible or hard to measure benefits are encouraging.


But there’s one critical caveat to success. You must, absolutely must, have a clear plan, a mapped journey, with all the right steps along the way.


This is why Pranava Technologies developed ‘Run Better’, because without a proven methodology, your chances of success are significantly limited.


At Pranava we believe in lasting and successful partnerships, which is why we invest in our methodology to make sure that whatever journey we embark on with you, it will be a rewarding one.

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