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At Pranava we simply love processes. Indeed, we understand systems, processes and architecture like nobody else. Our priority is never to ‘sell’ you a particular solution or software, our priority is to simply help you understand everything about your organisation from a technology and processes perspective.


Our experience tells us that many businesses, large and small, either don’t have full visibility (and control) of all of their processes or simply don’t understand them (and more importantly, how they could be improved to dramatic effect).


This is not because these businesses don’t care. It is because processes are very, very complex and incorporate all manner of software and technologies such as ERP, CRM, Customer Support software, Accounting/Financial Management software, Email, databases, legacy systems and much more.


Our job is to help businesses:


  • see the bigger picture

  • appreciate what currently works (and what doesn’t)

  • understand what your current pain points are (and how to fix them)

  • consider how Process Mining could really make a difference

  • buy into the right solution for your people and your organisation

  • Consulting
  • Understanding Processes
  • What Works/Doesn't
  • People and Organisation







Being vendor and solution neutral, we will always give you best advice based on what’s right for you. 


Our ‘Run Better’ approach is governed by two important criteria:  


Give our Customers full VISIBILITY of their processes, systems and technology

Give back to our Customers full CONTROL


We don’t think that’s too much to ask for – Visibility & Control


And part of our Consultative approach means that we will be with you as long as we can add value, whether that is for on-going support and advice or to help implement new initiatives or programs.

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