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Visibility & Control

Visibility & Control

One of the largest management firms in the US, Oliver Wyman, recently published an important piece of work on Visibility and Control in business.


In this study they concluded…


“The lack of corporate visibility – and subsequent lack of control – is rooted in three failings: insufficient governance and resources, discrepancies in metrics and definitions, and fragmented IT systems, with IT systems (and process) being the largest failing.


Further, this study showed that…


“73% felt they had insufficient information to predict and drive their business, with CFOs even more concerned: 87% identified issues with the information needed to predict their firms’ financial performance.”


  • Goals
  • Ambitions






  • Remove Pain Points
  • Visibility & Control
  • Compliance

At Pranava we fully endorse the need for businesses of all sizes to have that Visibility and Control. Without the information to understand business drivers and predict performance (Visibility), it becomes hard to steer business actions and outcomes to desired results (Control).  

When we work with you, our Consultative approach and ‘Run Better’ methodology are both geared to our ultimate objectives:

Give our Customers full VISIBILITY of their processes, systems and technology

Give back to our Customers full CONTROL

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