Process Mining

Process Mining

Organisations globally are on a journey to continuously improve processes, to manage costs, increase revenue as part of larger Digital Transformation or BPM projects.


At Pranava, we believe that the first consideration in process improvement is to identify and understand the current processes.


Often, business does not fully understand their processes, the metrics and the costs associated with them as well as other relatable business imperatives. This knowledge gap needs to be bridged if we are to understand:


  • How effective are our processes?

  • Do we have blockers or constraints?

  • Are we compliant, would we pass an audit?

  • Do we utilise resources effectively?

  • Have we optimised our customer journeys?

  • Can we do better?


And rather than rely on traditional interviews or DILO’s (Day In the Life of) to answer these questions, there is a better way.

Improvement & Automation

Process Mining, as explained by Gartner, is…. designed to discover, monitor and improve real processes by extracting knowledge from event logs readily available in today’s information systems (ERP, CRM, etc.).


Process Mining software enable process improvement and automation as detailed data in process logs help identify process inefficiencies and automatable processes.


One of the world’s leading Process Mining companies is Celonis, who we work with closely.


Celonis define Process Mining as having four key stages:


  • Source systems

  • Transform data to event logs

  • Visualise Processes

  • Enable real-time connections


  • Capture digital data

  • Understand root causes

  • Visualise Processes


  • Automate tasks

  • Suggest intelligent actions

  • Proactive process interventions


  • Track key metrics

  • Benchmark continuously 

  • Process conformance


This approach aligns closely to our Run Better methodology, with a strong bias towards consultative support and engaging all key stakeholders.


With this in mind, there are a number of ways to deploy Process Mining that you should consider:


  • Process discovery to enable process automation 

  • Process discovery to enable decision automation 

  • Process optimisation 

  • Conformance validation 

  • Process simulation 

  • Social Network & Organisational mining

Common Data Sources

Do you recognise these as common data sources within your organisation?

If your business relies on software systems like these then you need to implement Process Mining.

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Far Reaching Improvements

Benefits include:


  • Faster, more effective (reduced mistakes) and more efficient processes

  • Conformance checking improves compliance

  • Process discovery enables faster automation of processes

  • Saves money and improves revenue

  • Better utilisation of human capital


Specifically, your ability to mine and analyse your data can bring about far reaching improvements that could transform your business, improvements such as:

  • Financial operations: understand and remove delays in payment processes to reduce debtor days and improve working capital

  • Customer service: automate process steps and eliminate friction to enhance the customer journey

  • Compliance: eradicate inconsistent processes to ensure auditable compliance with regulations

  • HR: improve all employee processes, such as reviews, requests, on-boarding and training to significantly improve your employee experience

  • Industry: remove bottlenecks in manufacturing processes, reduce delays in procedural checks, streamline resource utilisation and much more

  • High Street: improve supply chain processes and improve distribution

Consultation & Knowledge

At Pranava, we combine our consulting experience with our deep knowledge of the very best Process Mining tools and software available today.


We don’t simply ‘plug and play’ you into Process Mining software, we are with you every step of the way.


Our ‘Run Better’ model will ensure that you understand your starting position, know where you want to get to (and why) and have a clear path in mind for all stages of your journey.

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