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Celonis is a leader in Enterprise Performance Acceleration software, harnessing the power of Process Mining technology to help organisations remove operational friction and become a Superfluid Enterprise. Companies around the world rely on Celonis technology to guide action and drive change, turning business processes into extraordinary experiences and resulting in millions of dollars saved.


The Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud enables a transformational “discover-enhance-monitor” approach to process improvement. It discovers root causes of friction in business processes, enhances those processes with AI-driven actions that proactively reduce and prevent friction, and continuously monitors improvements with unique process visualisations. By providing signals and “next best action” recommendations for every person involved in the process, Celonis engages people in operational transformation.

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Established in 2015, it has not taken Minit long to become a highly respected and multi-award- winning Process Mining organisation. 


Their team and software focus on generating scalable success for companies by implementing actionable Process Mining. This enables customers to see exactly how their processes stack up and enable data-driven decisions. Minit removes guesswork and allows companies to turn data into profit with process improvement.

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Process Mining Partners

Process Gold

ProcessGold is a world-leading vendor of Process Mining enterprise software for business process management and optimization.


Headquartered in Eindhoven, ProcessGold works with partners around the globe with their business transformation, diagnosing key risks and identifying opportunities to advance business performance.


As a young team of ambitious professionals, they are motivated by a common goal – making your business more efficient, successful, sustainable.

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QPR Software

QPR Software Plc (Nasdaq Helsinki) was founded in March 1991. They provide solutions for strategy execution, performance and process management, process mining and enterprise architecture in over 50 countries. Users of QPR Software gain the insight they need for informed decisions that make a difference.  


Their customer promise is: Dare to improve. They redeem it by providing customers the insight they need for informed decisions that make a difference. They give business leaders the means to model, analyse, measure, monitor, and improve the processes and capabilities of their organisation. Armed with the right insight, business leaders dare to make changes required to achieve dramatically better results with smarter processes.

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