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Business Sector Experience

We are fortunate that our experience has spanned many business sectors and we have had the good fortune to work with many diverse organisations, large and small.


Without specialising, our business sector experience is perhaps greatest in the following areas. Please click on the relevant Sector indicated for a Use Case. 

Process Related Challenges

​The ‘process related’ challenges facing these sectors, and others, are both complex and commonplace:

  • Process automation to improve customer records and transactions to enhance the customer experience

  • Improving systems that complete ‘deals’ (loans, mortgages, etc.) including form completion and record access

  • Operation risk and compliance systems delivery to meet regulatory change

  • Automation of credit card fraud notifications

  • Product management across multiple product lines and pricing

  • Automated account opening/closing and integrating to core banking systems

  • Automating permit applications

  • Compliance management, including inspections, permits and case oversight

  • Providing engineers in the field with access to automated customer information and product availability

  • Automated support for field reps


Our role as a ‘consultancy led’ firm, is to work with our clients to help them acknowledge and understand these and many more challenges, agree the key objectives and determine the best solution to achieve those goals.

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Since 2013, we have had the privilege to work with, amongst others, the following organisations:

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