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Manage Pain Points

Manage Pain Points

Many organisations measure themselves against KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators. Makes perfect sense.


We see our role as slightly different, we want to help you understand your KPI’s – Key Pain Indicators. Only be recognising and understanding your pain can you set about fixing it.


Of course, we can’t fix all of your pain, but when it comes to processes and systems, we have a very keen eye for recognising where the pain lies and how to go about fixing the pain. To do this, it is important that businesses recognise that they do have process and system ‘pain’, it is rare indeed to find an organisation that is 100% pain free.



  • Goals
  • Ambitions





  • Manage Pain Points
  • Visibility & Control
  • Compliance


A little like going to the doctor for a check-up. You think you are OK, but it’s best to check. Your doctor can take a good look, check out your medical history, understand your current situation, diagnose any problems (some you might not have known you had), prescribe the right remedy and be with you every step of the way back to full health.


Our role is very much like that of the doctor. We consult with you to get to know your business (process and systems), we look at the historical data, we understand what you want to achieve, we diagnose the best solution, we help you implement that solution and we stick around afterwards to continue to offer help and support.


Doesn’t your organisation deserve this approach?


Wouldn’t you like to have full Visibility & Control when it comes to your organisation’s systems and processes?

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