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Initiate Pilot

Having consulted with you to remove the pain points and give you (back) visibility and control, it is time to initiate a Pilot program.


This Pilot will point the way for the larger, organisation-wide implementation. For this to be effective, we will ensure that any Pilot we initiate will:


  • be clearly defined

  • be agreed internally

  • be simple to measure 

  • encourage discussion of outcomes

  • be flexible for change and improvements

  • be implementable on a company-wide basis (as required)




  • Working Model
  • Initiate Pilot




  • Measure
  • Results
  • Share
  • Outcomes
  • Evolve
  • Amend

Our CEO, Rambabu Boorugu, is so confident of the quality of our work that he wants to make it easier for organisations to hire us to help them ‘Run Better’. With this in mind, he has made the following Pricing concessions:


  • Free assessment for SAP Celonis Process Mining tool

  • Process Mining demo

  • Proof of Concept build (without obligation)

  • Process Mining SaaS (pay as you go)


These concessions help ensure that whatever Pilot we implement for you will be tremendous value for money and will be proven to deliver maximum impact.


To find out more reach out to us at

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